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earth Prayer

We come together, uniting hearts and lands

Together we pray for FAIRNESS


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Live from Uluru - Global Online


This 8.8 let’s join together and hold prayer from every country on Earth.

This is Prayer Activism.

We unite for Fairness.

We are the Heartbeat of Humanity.

Experience the power of being held in prayer continuously over a 48-hour period by a global tribe of frequency-holders. 

Prayer ceremonies are profound opportunities for Way-Showers, Space-Holders, Frequency-Keepers, Light and Earth Workers to recharge their energy and manifest on behalf of Mother Earth. When we hold each other in prayer we bring our hearts into oneness and activate the Miracle body of Humanity, meaning that all healing, dreaming, and envisioning that happen during the prayer are radically magnified!

A Prayer relay is an ancient practice of holding each other in loving thoughts. Being held in the sacred field of Human-Kindness for a constant 48 hours raises and sustains your vibration throughout that period.

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Holding the vision together

Our vision is that there will be a prayer keeper in every country in the world, so that this field can bring balance to humanity and bless the Earth.

The event begins with a guided group process, broadcast live online from Uluru - the Solar Plexus of the World.  

Then the prayer relay begins.   

Prayer-keepers commit to a one hour and eleven minute prayer slot within the 48-hour window, during which they hold all the other participants in prayer, from the comfort of their own homes. 

Each person will experience the truly special feeling of being held continuously in prayer while helping to activate a new level of global intimacy and communion. 

During the prayer there will be a Shamanic Journey to heal our collective scars.  

At the end of the 48-hour window, we come back together online to release our prayers to the world and to celebrate with dance.   

This is ancient heart technology to help activate the consciousness of the new Earth.

This event is by donation, donate whatever is in your heart once the prayer ends.


You will receive an email with more information to complete registration.

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