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Flowing Into Change

An Experiential Astrology and Channeled Healing Workshop 

With David Nicol, Kate Naga, & Kahreela Anhara of the Starlight Temple


Sunday August 13, 2023

At a beautiful & private nature sanctuary in


Dear Seeker of Beauty,

This day is your invitation to align with the astrological, cosmic, and natural forces that can carry you into Change. 

2023 is a pilgrimage year.


A Pilgrimage is a journey that expands your faith.


This year is taking all of us to our edges and favoring those who take a leap of faith. 


This workshop is sacred space and processes to upgrade your faith! FAITH in your self, in your path, and in the vision of the new earth that you are here to co-create. 

Prepare to be immersed in a tapestry of experiential practices, channeled guidance, and transformative energy healing, meticulously crafted to support you in flowing with the currents of change that are inevitably happening in this pilgrimage year.


“This workshop is a journey for all who want to learn how to experience change in Beauty, rather than in Blame, so that you can hold energy in your center during this time of radical change — which is fundamental to experiencing joyful transformation”


Igniting a Decade of Flowing Change

Our retreat takes place just as a powerful astrological portal opens for a decade of flowing change. Uranus and Pluto, the planets of revolutionary change, are coming into an auspicious trine aspect, inaugurating a ten-year period of positive creative change and harmonious forward momentum. In mid-August, Mars the great initiator joins this alignment, setting these energies in motion and giving us the courage to open our hearts to the sound of the new music coming in.


If you’ve been struggling to keep your head above water through the storm of the Covid years, this is your chance to enter a slipstream that will carry you forward toward change with excitement and joy.  


In our workshop we will explore these archetypal energies together in an experiential way so that we can consciously align our path with this cosmic opportunity.


At long last, it warms my heart to host you on the special land in the Sierra foothills that I have helped to develop and steward for the last five years!


In addition to making sure that you are settled in and well -nourished with delicious vegan fare, I will also be offering excursions to the Yuba RIver (Uba Seo)  and land walks for those who choose to stay overnight. 

For the day-long workshop, you will be in excellent hands with both David and Kahreela. And the land will provide the potent holding needed for a deep and transformative dive.

Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!

Blessings Your Way,


Welcome to the Land!

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Kahreela Anhara

is a channel, temple alchemist healer, and portal guardian. Through her company Starlight Temple she offers courses, ceremonies, and Earth Work travel adventures in service to the ascension of Gaia and the empowerment of humanity. She brings through extraordinarily precise and highly original healing information, energy, and practices for personal and collective change. Everything that Kahreela and her guides do is about creating transformation through inner activism and the magic of alignment. She walks a joyous path in constant Divine Conversation with life.

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Image by Jeremy Thomas

What's Included

•Group experiential astrology exploration

•Astro Weather Report
•Channeled Guidance
•Light Chamber Vibrational Body Upgrade
•Flowing with the Forces of Change Meditation Journey
•Delicious vegan lunch


Yes, I want to Register!

Sign Up by July 31 for $235; From August 1 for $285

Make It A Weekend!

Arrive Saturday Aug 12 (anytime after 2pm)

  • Leisure time at the spa (sauna, soaking tubs, hot tub, showers)

  • Evening Group Meditation and Channeling

  • Yuba river excursion & dip (optional)

  • Optional massage services 

  • Saturday Dinner and Sunday breakfast included


Stay Overnight Sunday Aug 13 (depart by 2pm Monday)

  • Leisure time at the spa (sauna, soaking tubs, hot tub, showers)

  • Land Walks

  • Optional one-on-one experiential astrology sessions with David and/or channeled healing sessions Kahreela

  • Optional massage services 

  • Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast included


Weekend Stay Options 

Offering multiple types and levels of accommodation: everything from private suites to furnished glamping yurts to basic camping. 

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